The Lao Experiences
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Our Client Talk

post it A very pleasant stay where we really feel like having a full immersion in Laos both North and South.
A small remark, it would be better flying between Vientiane and Pakse.

At our hotels we don’t recommend the one we chose in Phongsaly (dirty).
Our guide was very helpful (Pouvanh) and helped us a lot.
The car was good for 4 people but an icehouse would be very useful to keep the bottles cold.
For food, the meals were not varied enough, we had trouble choosing.

post it The proposed circuit was well balanced and varied.
Our guide (Joy) friendly and pleasant was attentive to our needs.
The car was perfect, with a perfect driver.
The proposed hotels were perfect as well, except the first day at Sabadii Guest House (cleanliness level).
Finally, the food was very good and varied.
Very, very good time, thank you in Laos and Lao!

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Perfect experience, beautiful landscapes, a population always smiling and pleasant, a people and a country to discover.
To the critics: Beware of luggage during the wet rainy season (hint!). Provide a map of the northern region with the different ethnic groups (we wanted to know who is who, although our guide was the most time let us know ...).
Regarding our tour, it would be easier to start it in Luang Prabang but we also enjoyed our stay in Vientiane.
We do Vientiane-Luang Prabang by plane and it might have made sense to do so by road because we lost a lot of time in airports.


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Not to miss: Vientiane, capital city with a splendid architecture, to do!
A guide very friendly, smiling (like everyone else in this wonderful country for that matter ...) and
with a good culture of the country, the transmission of his knowledge was very interesting.


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A very interesting tour (the northern tribes), a good balance between the duration of transfers and tours, a well-respected.
We especially loved our passages in tributes villages: possible discussion thanks to our guide, night in the village. Really pleasant moments experienced.


post it Visiting villages and meeting ethnic from North is a real experience and we were able to discover the authenticity Laotian.
We really enjoyed spending an extra night (agreement with the guide) to Luang Prabang. This allowed us to discover the city at our leisure.
The meals were always very good and we have always been advised by our guide. Thank you for these choices.

post it I think that this circuit could be better if we could have spend more night in the ethnic villages (e.g. 4 or 5 nights). I really enjoyed the two nights in a small village.
But, the tour, the guide, hotels and food were perfect.

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The tour was as we requested. Beautiful discovery of Laos.
Our excellent guide, Mr. Pboumsavanh helped us throughout the trip, our visits and for restaurants.
The hotels were very good overall, excellent in Luang Prabang, Lao Spirit Resort and Vientiane.
Food was okay overall, but one time the restaurant was very dirty.
Very successful dinner show.

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